Frequently Asked Questions

What is a hair pomade?

Hair pomade is a styling product. They can be either oil or water-based, depending on the formula of the product. Our pomade is ...

The difference in the base depends on the personal preference, styling and hair type. Our natural hair pomade is offered in a medium hold and strong hold, and presents a shine finish (though can vary). Pomade presents sleek styles such as slick back, pompadour and quiff.

What does pomade do to your hair?

Our organic natural hair pomade helps you hold your hair in a slicked back style all day! With our ingredients being as close to organic and natural that we can get, it shouldn't damage your hair. Water-based pomades are easy to wash out, but your normally need to watch the harmful chemicals in these pomades (that's why we started Cub & Co.!) It's advised you avoid hair pomades with alcohol, sulfates and silicones if possible - these ingredients will dray and damage your hair follicles! 

What's the best organic hair pomade for men or women?

We would be silly to not say Cub & Co. Natural Grooming hair pomades are the best for your hair.

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