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Cub & Co. Organics

Pre & Post - Slick Bundle

Pre & Post - Slick Bundle

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Achieve slick perfection with our Pre & Post - Slick Bundle!

This exclusive bundle empowers you to mix and match from our premium products. Prep your hair with our versatile Grooming Tonic, creating the ideal foundation for your slick style.

Then, choose your preferred styling product from the lineup, whether it's the timeless Original Pomade, the contemporary elegance of the Contemporary Pomade, or the bold expression of the CUB X CHAOS Gel Pomade.

From classic to cutting-edge, our Slick Bundle has it all. Take charge of your slick game and unlock the secrets to polished and refined looks that command attention. Elevate your grooming routine with the mastery of the slick look using our Pre & Post - Slick Bundle!

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